Explanatory Notes

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Explanatory Notes:

About the Awards

Awards are part of EMPI’s Mission Innovative India aimed at spreading a culture of 'innovation' - a culture of introducing new approaches to accelerate economic growth and social development.


  • Awards are not given to individuals
  • Organisations registered in India 'for profit' or 'not for profit' under any relevant Act can apply
  • Awards are given to innovative approaches adopted by an organization to contribute to economic growth or for any other social goal

Selection & Evaluation

A Jury based on evaluation of entries by sector experts selects the awards. Short listed organisations may be called for discussions, if necessary.

The three key evaluation parameters are:

1. Significant economic and/or social contribution / impact made by the innovative approach adopted by the organization. See Note 1

2. Innovativeness of approach and its Newness. See Note 2

3. Evidence of being an Innovative Organization i.e. whether the innovation is an ad-hoc, one time affair or part of an innovation process and culture of the organization. See Note 3

Procedure for submitting your entry:

1. You should register first (Registration Form). You will receive a Registration Number.
2. Using that Registartion Number, you can access the Inovation Report Form. You may like to take a print out for convinience. However, you will have to fill in Online and Submit. Please see Guidelines for Information to be given in Innovation Report. Please click here to see Sample of Innovation Report that you will have to fill in Online after Registration.
3. After Submission of Innovation Report, you will receive the link of Forwarding Certificate. Please take a print out of the Forwarding Certificate and send it by Post/Courier to the Innovation Awards Secretariat.

Guidelines for Information to be given in Innovation Report:

Evaluation will be done on information contained in Innovation Report on the three evaluation parameters. Explanatory notes on information expected on each of the three parameters are given below. Please use these notes as guide lines to fill the form.

Note 1. Significant Contribution/Impact

Different types of organizations make different types of contribution and impact. Contribution of organizations engaged in education, governance, and social development is different from those engaged in manufacturing, business or other enterprises. Each organization contributes in it's own way. The Awards cover all types of contributions and therefore all types of organizations.

Significant Impact: Organisation adopting innovation should be seen as a trendsetter or as setting benchmarks in the sector it is engaged in.

Information should help make an informed assessment of a) realized benefit and b) it being a 'trendsetting' organization. Please decide what that information should be. Give supporting quantitative and qualitative data.

Note 2. Innovative Approach and its Newness

An organization performs several functions. Innovative approach is required to overcome problems faced in one or several functional areas. The problem may arise in:

  • Delivery of benefits to targeted population
  • Mobilization & deployment of finances
  • Development, adaptation or adoption of technology
  • Human resource competencies
  • Management structures and practices

Innovative approach simply means an approach different from approaches commonly used by other organizations in India working in similar sectors. Please highlight what is new in your approach.

Note 3. Innovative Organization

Within an organisation, major change in any one area for example introduction of new technology usually requires commensurate adjustment /modification in human resource competencies as incremental change. Innovative organization has the ability to introduce major and commensurate incremental changes across all functional areas.

Describe major & minor changes in all relevant functional areas. Also give information if your organization has set in place systems for responding to future changes if and when required. In other words has adopted a culture of innovation.

Who within the Organization can fill the form?

An 'organization' usually has several functional sections, divisions, groups or units for technical, human resource, finance, delivery, etc. Participation Form has been designed to get information on all the three parameters explained in Notes 1 to 3. Filling the form will require internal consultations with all the concerned divisions / group/units.

Please decide on how best information covering all the three main parameters is to be provided and who can discuss the entry with the evaluators if required.

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